Thanksgiving is about more than turkey


    By Martin Harris

    As the Thanksgiving holidays approach the spirit of gratitude is sweeping the student body and the faculty.

    The holiday allows all Americans more than just the opportunity to eat a huge meal; it gives all of us a time to reflect and ponder the things we are grateful for.

    “I”m grateful for everything and anything,” said Helene Jean, 20, a microbiology major from Nantes, France. “I”m thankful there is a celebration to make me think about it.”

    The Thanksgiving season coupled with the recent terrorist attacks have left a lot of BYU students counting their blessings.

    “I”m thankful for freedom in this troubled time,” said Ray Bradford, 22, a zoology major from Mapleton.

    Some leaders of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints have spoken on the topic of gratitude.

    “Too often we take blessings for granted, like the sun, the air, health and opportunity. Or we accept favors, honors, and privileges day after day, without a word of thanks,” said President Spencer W. Kimball.

    “We would thank the person who gives us a seat in the bus, the person who offers a ride, the friend who picks up the check after dinner, the person who does the babysitting, or the boy who cuts our lawn, but do we express gratitude to Him who gives us all?”

    Emily Astill, 22, a recreation therapy major from Centerville, has a long list of things she is grateful for.

    “I am thankful for the United States and for the freedom of religion,” she said. “I have loving parents who support me. I”m grateful for a home with hot water and carpeting.”

    The spirit of gratitude is not limited too the student body. BYU faculty has different things they are grateful for, including the opportunity to teach at Brigham Young University.

    “I”m grateful for the students I get to work with. We have some of the most outstanding students in the country,” said Ramon Zabriskie, a professor in the Department of Recreation Management and Youth Leadership. “I”m also grateful for the faculty and colleges I get to work and associate with.”

    Professor Zabriskie echoed the sentiments of many students in saying his greatest blessings are his family and the gospel.

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