Letter to the editor: Don’t lighten workloads


    Dear Editor,

    A recent letter to the editor asked professors to lighten the workload teachers require of students. The writer suggested that BYU should not be compared to Yale or Harvard because students there “don’t have FHE, church callings, religion homework or a religion that requires the sacrifice of all our time and talents.

    I attended the University of Maryland College Park as an undergraduate, where I attended church activities, held church callings and graduated from the institute program. I felt the presence of the Lord in my life helping me to do the work “the world” expected of me and the work the Lord expected of me.

    I am now attending BYU in pursuit of a master’s degree and, because I have changed disciplines, am taking both undergraduate and graduate courses. I find that these courses have workloads very similar to the courses I took at the University of Maryland, but this time I have the added responsibility of taking care of a family (as do many students here at BYU). I am grateful once again for the help of the Lord as I balance the work of the world and the work of the Lord in my life.

    Lightening the workload would ill prepare us for our futures. We would fail to learn vital information that should be a part of our education, and we would not learn the blessings of leaning on the Lord to bless us as we serve him.

    Jeanne Bowie

    Salem, Utah County

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