Letter to the editor: Abolish love couch


    Dear Editor,

    Cheers to the Concerned Citizens Against Making out in Public for its efforts in purging Happy Valley of excessive public displays of affection. The disrespectful behavior of too many couples in the area has reached obscene and insulting proportions.

    I wish to bring to CCAMP’s attention a certain item that, unfortunately, seems to attract such haughty, outrageous and immature activities. In my very own apartment complex there is an object that draws in couples, and sometimes even unacquainted individuals, for one of those so-called “PDAs” or “NCMOs.” Were it not for this item, affectionately called the “Love Couch” by complex residents, I would be safe from these infractions upon CCAMP’s values. The Love Couch is something of an enigma in my complex. This simple piece of furniture has become a Mecca for would-be Mark Antonys and Cleopatras. Indeed, the couch is so popular that one must take a number to obtain a spot.

    When passing the apartment hosting this couch, I must protect my eyes to censor this awful indecency.

    I call upon the students of BYU to rally to CCAMP’s side to further their noble efforts. I call upon the university to increase CCAMP’s funding and expand its range of authority. And I call upon CCAMP to visit my apartment complex, investigate the Love Couch, and eradicate the premises and all of Provo of all public indecency. I welcome any assistance in bringing this Love Couch — and all love couches throughout Provo — to an end.

    S. Tyler Young

    Idaho Falls, Idaho

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