Letter to the editor: Letters too contentious


    Dear Editor,

    I enjoy BYU and I enjoy The Daily Universe. However I wish to express a concern of mine.

    The negative remarks published in the readers’ forum produce contention and stronger stereotypes, and cause separation among our students here at BYU. So many responses given and published in this section of the newspaper are contentious and cause others to react, causing more contention. I am a little disappointed that many of the responses which are chosen to be published in the readers’ forum are the ones that are the most sarcastic and narrow minded, possibly done in hopes that more students will begin writing to the readers’ forum.

    I believe strongly in the prophet’s counsel given that it is important that we focus on the positive and strive to avoid sarcasm, snide remarks and criticism. He specifically mentioned that newspapers and magazines are prime providers of these. Especially during these times, it is vital that we unite together, rather than working on putting one another down.

    I pray that our school’s newspaper, something that is actually read by so many students, would take heed to the prophet’s counsel rather than satisfy the negative appetites of readers. The newspaper will continue to prosper and be popular among students even without the contentious remarks.

    BYU stands tall among all the universities of this world. This is because of its goal and its righteous purpose. We are an example as a whole to the world, because we strive to gain knowledge, light, and eternal truth. What I am writing about may seem small in comparison to other issues in the world, but nonetheless, this makes a difference. It is true that “by small and simple things are great things brought to pass.”

    Jennifer Jones


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