Letter to the editor: Drive safely, save lives


    Dear Editor,

    I am a crossing guard for Provo. I watch a lot of students drive past me daily and they don’t even slow down. They’re too busy eating breakfast, putting on makeup, shaving, brushing their teeth, and especially being engaged in conversations on their cell phones and they can’t even hear me talking to them because they have their headphones on.

    I realize that you drivers just want to get to class on time, but is it worth the $150 ticket for speeding in a school zone? You should be aware of these facts and stop and think before you kill a young boy or girl.

    Think of it this way: The child that gets killed might be your brother or sister, or someday you’ll have children and want them to be safe while they’re crossing the street to get to their school.

    So please slow down, look around for the children that are trying to cross the street with or without help, and give them the chance to make their parents proud by stopping for them so they can grow up and go to college.

    In closing, I hope you pass this letter on to your friends, neighbors and families. The best way you can help is by driving slow at all crosswalks and school zones. You could save a child’s life today.

    Debra Goodman


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