Veterans, Provo library to be discussed at City Council meeting


    By Joni Renick

    Provo”s City Council will meet the night of Tuesday, Oct. 23 for the last time before the city”s general election Nov. 6.

    “This meeting is the student”s last opportunity to see the City Council members officially in action before the election,” said Janeal Thornock, BYUSA”s legislative assistant.

    The council meeting will begin with a proclamation by Mayor Lewis Billings for Veteran”s Remembrance Month in Provo in November.

    On Nov. 12, Provo will be dedicating a monument to remember veterans who lost their lives in service to their country.

    Taylor Oldroyd, leader of the project, said the memorial will be located on 800 East and Center Street.

    Oldroyd said the memorial will be general to all veterans. Provo has one veteran”s memorial located in Provo Cemetery, which has the names of all the veterans from Provo who have died in military service. The new memorial will not list specific names.

    After the opening business, the mayor and council will open the floor to the public for questions.

    In the action agenda, the council will first address a resolution that would place the Provo City Library at Academy Square on the Provo Landmarks register.

    Ted Dowling, executive director of the City Council, said the Provo Landmarks commission has asked the city to put the library on the register because of its historical significance within the city.

    Next, the city will decide whether to approve an agreement with Utah County to cooperatively use their respective fiber optic communications system.

    Dowling said the fiber optic system services BYU, the library, streetlights and all state, city and county buildings.

    He said if passed, the resolution would allow the county and city to use portions of the same cable so neither would have to lay more cable than is necessary.

    The council will also hold a public hearing tonight to consider a resolution to appropriate $295,419 in the Airport Capital Improvement fund for airport improvement expenses.

    Dowling said the city will provide $35,000 of the funds, and the state will match with the remaining $260,419.

    He said the money will be used to fix airport runways, improve tie down areas and complete the north taxi lane as well as engineering work for new projects.

    Tuesday, Oct. 23, the council will also hold a study meeting at 5 p.m.; during this meeting the council will discuss various issues facing the city. They then decide whether those issues need to be moved forward to the action agenda of the general city meeting.

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