Letter to the editor: CCAMP overzealous


    Dear Editor,

    Last week’s article on students combating PDA, if it wasn’t a joke, gives an account of the greatest display of infantilism that I’ve ever beheld in my entire life. I think the Concerned Citizens against Making Out in Public should change their name to the Lonely Heart’s Club or the Association for Those with Too Much Time on Their Hands or perhaps The Wet Blanket Coalition. It’s unfortunate that these Gestapo agents, who are supposedly doing us all a favor, could be so jealous as to actually form a club. Just because they aren’t getting any affection doesn’t mean that they should try to police everyone else. Misery truly loves company.

    The motives of this club illustrate a common theme here at BYU, meaning that people aren’t satisfied with the given laws of the gospel. Instead, they have to invent some higher law. Being vegetarian, wearing church clothes all day on Sunday or not drinking Pepsi does not make a person more holy. It simply makes them sanctimonious. We can do what we want, but we shouldn’t always be forcing our values on everyone else. Why can’t we live and let live?

    Kissing in public is not a sin. It’s a heckuva lot safer than doing it in a private bedroom or on the back roads. CCAMP should use its zealotry for weightier matters.

    Byron Miller


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