Letter to the editor: Money a necessary means to an end


    Dear Editor,

    I, as much as any BYU student, enjoy The Daily Universe, and especially enjoy two sections – Police Beat, where I can see what’s happening on campus and laugh at students doing the sort of things that have happened since my parents went to BYU, and the letters to the editor, where I laugh at the differences of opinion portrayed by the students of the university and their (often humorous) feelings to defend them.

    Thus, I vowed never to write to the Universe’s opinion section. Obviously, I have let something get the better of me.

    Recently, while I was at work, I was reading the opinions posted on the NewsNet site, and I read the statement of a zealous young man explaining how money is the root of all evil. I would personally like to thank that kind soul for exposing himself so eloquently to this opportunity to correct him.

    Work is connected with making money. One earns money by work. There is a joke my parents told me of how to earn a million dollars at BYU – work a million hours. True, often the most physically demanding jobs pay less than others, but the other jobs are mainly filled by people, like us, who spent a good part of their life spending money to get those jobs. In the business world, that’s called an investment.

    As for the scriptural and religious reasons provided as evidence, may I also point out that the reference to D&C 6:7 has a footnote connected to Jacob 2:18, where it says that after you have found Christ, you will have riches if you seek for them with the intent to do good. Mammon, as he stated, is wealth or avarice – not the money itself, but an overwhelming desire for money.

    And, for the most neglected scripture, 1 Timothy 6:10 – it’s absolutely right. The love of money is the root of all evil. See the greed statement again.

    Brigham Young was also a wealthy man. Yes, at times he was poor, but look at the house he left behind. I would not consider that the house of a poor man. He didn’t have money his whole life. He earned it. Does that make him one of those people who chose to serve mammon instead of God?

    Simply put, the letter describing money as evil was wrong. Money is simply a means to an end. It allows business to take place. Without money, we would be bartering other valuables for services. The evil ways money is used and obtained, as well as the desire for money, are the roots of all evil – not the money itself.

    Once again, thank you for offering such a splendid opportunity.

    Joseph Scoresby

    Mount Vernon, Ohio.

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