Aberdine wins the Battle of the Bands


    By Jenni Carlquist

    Hundreds of students converged in the WSC Ballroom Friday night to witness the Battle of the Bands.

    Eight local bands competed for first prize in front of a sold out audience.

    Aberdine, who played seventh, won the competition.

    The band received $250 and was named the “official band” for the Homecoming activities this month.

    “It”s humbling because these other bands are awesome,” said Jeff Jordan, the lead singer for Aberdine.

    Jordan, a junior from Visalia, Calif., majoring in marriage, family and human development, said they will use the money to help pay for the cost of producing their latest compact disc.

    Three of the members of Aberdine are brothers.

    D.J. Radmacher, the drummer, said their dad taught them how to play rock ”n” roll.

    “It”s really nice because it”s like a family deal,” Radmacher said.

    Although Jordan is not related to the other members of Aberdine, he is from the same hometown, he said.

    “We”re all buddies and this is a way to keep us all together,” Jordan said.

    Pipe Dream, a punk band from South Jordan, received second place in the band challenge.

    “To be on a big stage like that, with a really good sound system, and a big crowd, makes it easy to get into it,” said Scotty Carter, the lead singer for Pipe Dream.

    Members of Pipe Dream said they didn”t mind coming in second because they just enjoy playing together.

    “Playing music that you really care about with guys that you truly love, is the best thing on earth,” Carter said.

    Like Aberdine, members of Pipe Dream said they enjoy playing together because of the close friendship they share.

    “It”s been an excuse for us, as good friends, to hang out,” said Kerry Tait, the drummer for Pipe Dream.

    The winner of the competition was chosen by a panel of judges that included Battle of the Band winners from the last two years, Blues Frequency and Mosure.

    Matt Blackner and Andrea Uale, president and vice-president of BYUSA also helped judge, as well as members of Divine Comedy, said Mike Hammari, the program director for BYUSA who helped organize the activity.

    “The points were really close tonight,” said Tiffany Duncan, the executive director of campus activities at BYUSA.

    While it was difficult for the judges to pick a winner Friday night, Duncan said selecting the eight bands for Friday”s concert was also a challenge.

    “I know we turned down a lot of talented bands,” Duncan said.

    Hammari said tickets were sold out for the evening”s competition. He estimated that more than 100 people had to be turned away because there were not enough seats.

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