Water conservation efforts have spared Springville residents from drought


    By Ryan Heaton

    Springville City”s water conservation efforts during the summer have lessend the threat of severe drought in Springville.

    At the beginning of the summer, Springville”s Public Works department issued a statement asking citizens to conserve water.

    “Due to a combination of low spring water production, delays in our new water wells coming on line, and the hot summer weather, Springville City”s ability to provide sufficient culinary water to meet daily demands is being strained,” the department said.

    The city urged citizens to follow certain conservation methods.

    Houses were asked to water lawns only on specific days of the week, based on their addresses. Homeowners were also asked not to water their lawns between the hours of 10 a.m. and 6 p.m.

    Burt Oakey, Springville City”s public works director, said it took effort to make sure the citizens were aware of the water restrictions. The public works department sent people door to door in order to inform citizens of the water restrictions.

    Oakey said Utah experiences long periods of dry weather and is currently seeing the bottom of one of those long periods.

    “We”ve had seven or eight years of drought now,” Oakey said. “We have to deal with what nature hands us.”

    As cooler weather sets in for fall and demands for water are lower, it is easier for Springville to maintain water levels. Oakey said Springville does not foresee culinary water problems until at least next summer.

    Like the rest of Utah, Springville is hoping for a lot of moisture this winter. If Utah sees another dry winter, deeper and stricter water restrictions could be imposed for next summer.

    Springville is also looking into other water sources, including a new culinary well, to increase water tables for next year. In addition, the public works department is preparing for more public relations efforts next summer.

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