Dance of All Nations unites clubs


    By Summer McCann

    Multi-cultural clubs unite to celebrate diversity at upcoming Dance of All Nations.

    “The Dance of All Nations allows all of us students to come together to celebrate our heritage and our nationalities,” said Jeremy Jenkins, executive director of BYUSA clubs. “It also helps the multi-cultural clubs get their name out to the students.”

    The dance, which is sponsored by BYUSA, will be on Saturday September 29 from 8:30 to 11:30 p.m. The top 40 and hip hop dance will be in the WSC ballroom. The salsa dance will be in the Garden Court.

    The dance serves as a type of closing celebration to this week”s University Student Council Conference.

    The conference is made up of officers from BYU-Hawaii, BYU-Idaho, and LDS Business College who have been attending workshops and speakers since Thursday.

    “We try to reach out and get involved with other clubs on campus,” said Yolande Bouka, president of the Black Student Union at BYU. “It gives us a chance to try to break down stereotypes and share our culture.”

    Jenkins said multi-cultural clubs are crucial at BYU because they unite groups of students and help them to find a niche among the student body.

    Tacey Atsitty, president of the Tribe of Many Feathers club, said the club is very important to the Native American students on campus.

    “We try to support each other socially, spiritually, culturally, and academically,” Atsitty said.

    The SALSA club, which is also involved in the Dance of All Nations, will be hosting the salsa dance.

    Moises Cook, president of the SALSA club, said the dances are a great way to introduce people to what he refers to as the “spiciness” of the Latin culture.

    Although some students initially participate in the club for the dancing, they usually come away impressed with the friendliness and openness of the Latino culture, Cook said.

    The dance is also in conjunction with CARE week, a week in which student organizations focus on doing service projects and raising donations for outside organizations.

    Two cans of food are required for admission to the dance and will be donated to the Timpanogos Regional Food Bank.

    Multi-cultural clubs, as well other student clubs on campus, sponsor various service projects and activities throughout the year.

    In wake of the recent terrorist attacks, some of the clubs had special meetings and prayer services and in honor of the victims and their families

    The Tribe of Many Feathers club is organizing an effort to send coloring books to children who lost parents in the tragedy.

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