Campus police beat for Sept. 28


    By Aubrey Prince


    Bicycle thefts remain a threat at BYU. A student”s bicycle was stolen outside the Harmon building Monday, Sept. 24, between 8 a.m. and noon. The bicycle was valued at $150.

    A male student attempted to steal an MP3 player from the BYU Bookstore sidewalk sale on Sept. 21. He was cited on location for theft.

    A BYU Chevrolet pick-up truck was stolen from the Brewster Building sometime between Sept. 20 and 24.

    Between Sept. 21 and 24, 11 BYU vehicles were burglarized. Seven of these vehicles were at the Brewster Building; the others were parked in the grounds area. A variety of power tools were taken from the vehicles. Police are investigating, and they suspect a possible connection between these incidents and the stolen truck.

    A BYU student was charged with burglary of vehicle and theft after stealing a faculty parking permit from a parked car and using it in his own vehicle.


    A male student discovered the passenger-side window of his Jeep was slashed between Sept. 17 and 18. Police have no suspects.

    On Sept. 16 a firework was thrown from a parking lot through an open window in Merrill Hall. The firework caught the rug on fire, but the male resident was able to extinguish the flames without being harmed. Police are following all leads.


    A female student in V-Hall of Deseret Towers reported receiving several e-mails and phone calls that were sexual in nature, between Sept. 12 and 21. Police investigations continue.

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