Wedding cakes vary in style, shape


    By Stephanie Richards

    It can be big or small. It comes in a variety of styles, sizes, color schemes, and flavors. Its massive five-tiered beauty or single tier adorned by fresh flowers can captivate reception-goers.

    “There are more styles of wedding cakes now than there have ever been before,” said Barbara Wachs, manager of Exclusive Wedding Cakes and Floral. “There is one to fit everyone”s personality.”

    There are a plethora of choices, but cake vendors have been noticing some trends.

    “The simpler cakes are the most popular right now,” said LaRita Clark, owner of Creative Desserts. “The traditional tiered cakes with fresh flowers are really in demand.”

    There are cakes that fit every style wedding, from western to formal. Some cakes even match the bride”s wedding dress.

    With so many options, it can be quite a dilemma to choose the right cake.

    “I think one of the best solutions is to have a table with a variety of cakes,” said Suzanne Richards, 19, a sophomore from Salt Lake City majoring in speech pathology.

    Wachs suggested that girls design their cakes on individual stands instead of using traditional multi-tiered cakes.

    “I have found that many couples are not serving their traditional tiered cakes at receptions where people are coming and going throughout the whole night,” Clark said.

    The wedding cake is often the focal point of a reception and cakes with several tiers must be taken apart if served. Most couples want people to be able to see their cake throughout the night, Wachs said.

    “If girls design their cakes on different stands they have a cake to display and a cake to serve,” Wachs said.

    The wedding cake is also more than just a decoration for the reception.

    The cutting of the cake symbolizes the couple”s dedication to each other and their willingness to share their lives with one another.

    The wedding cake is a final remembrance of a couple”s wedding day, as the top tier of the cake is traditionally saved and frozen. The bride and groom usually eat the cake after returning home from their honeymoon, or on their first anniversary.

    Picking a cake customized to the personality and wants of the couple can be an unnecessary challenge. gives four simple suggestions to ensure the perfect cake without any of the last minute hassles or surprises.

    First, order your cake early, especially if you are planning a summer wedding.

    It is suggested that the couple reserve the wedding cake, and note the approximate number of guests three to four months before the wedding.

    The couple should then call back a few weeks before the wedding day to confirm the actual number of guests.

    The number of slices ordered is typically used to calculate the price of wedding cakes. It is important to ask how big the slices will be when negotiating the price.

    The next tip from is to ask your baker to give cutting and serving instructions when receiving the cake.

    The bigger and more complicated the cake is, the more difficult the cutting job becomes.

    Another suggestion is to have your cake delivered, even if it costs a little extra.

    It is troublesome for the couple to worry about a lot of small details on their wedding day. Getting the cake to the reception site in perfect condition should be left to a professional, the Web site said.

    Finally, personalized mints or candies are a good way to draw attention to your cake and to add a special touch.

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