Bridesmaid dresses become more fashionable with the times


    By Allison Martin

    With the onslaught of post-semester weddings, brides are scurrying from bridal shops to florists in attempts to find the perfect details for the big day. Often by her side are weary, but willing friends and sisters — her bridesmaids.

    From lacy magenta bows and taffeta puffed sleeves, the bridesmaids themselves are often the imperfect detail of the wedding, at least when it comes to “what-to-wear.”

    But according to Allyse Sevidy, owner of Allyse”s Bridal, times are changing.

    “It used to be popular to have frills and lace, but now we see sleek elegant simple lines,” she said. “Instead of bright bubble-gum or Easter egg colors, there are classy elegant subtle colors.”

    Deborah Hansen, a junior from Escondido, Calif., majoring in psychology, chose to go the non-traditional route when dressing her bridesmaids for her April wedding.

    “I got cute outfits from Express with silk knit shirts, black knee-length skirts and sexy black shoes,” she said. “It is an outfit they”ll wear again for sure and it is so my style.”

    Sevidy said more and more brides are shying away from traditional looks.

    “Brides are looking for something simple and elegant that their bridesmaids can wear again,” she said. “They”re not just bridesmaid dresses anymore.”

    “The trend is toward different styles in one shade or different shades in one style,” said Ellyn Golder Saft, fashion columnist. “Either choice will probably please your bridesmaids.”

    Unless the bridesmaids are supermodels, each one will look different in the same dress. Luckily, new styles in bridal party attire take into consideration various body types.

    Sevidy said two-piece and empire waist styles are stylish and flattering.

    “All your bridesmaids are going to be different sizes so it is ideal,” she said.

    After all, it is important to keep everyone appeased.

    “I don”t want them to be uncomfortable and look ugly to please me,” Hansen said. “They”re doing me a favor, and I”m dressing them like a monkey? No way.”

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