Provo boy found dead near Grandveiw Elementary School


    By Michelle Lau

    A 9-year-old boy was found dead, hanging from a tree in a park adjacent to Grandview Elementary School early Monday afternoon.

    As children were leaving school they discovered the boy and reported the accident to authorities.

    The boy was a fourth-grader attending Grandview Elementary.

    Upon arrival at the scene the Provo Police Department launched an investigation. There is no indication of foul play and the case is being examined as an accidental death.

    The Provo School District has employed crisis teams to work with the students. A “crisis team” was at the school until about 9 p.m.yesterday, Superintendent Patti Harrington said.

    Because children witnessed the boy hanging from the tree, the emotional effects are more devastating and disturbing, Harrington said.

    Numerous parents are accompanying their children to work with the crisis teams.

    Crisis teams will remain in the schools through Thursday. Back-up teams will be on-call through the first part of next week.

    Rumors in the area suggest someone is prowling the community killing young children. However, Captain Brad Leatham emphasizes “that is not the case.”

    At the present time, said Captain Leatham, the police department does not have any additional information that can be released.

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