Women’s golf takes road show to Denver


    By Meredith Majakey

    The BYU women”s golf team will take its show on the road for the second straight weekend, September 24th and 25th, as they head to the Pioneer Highlands Ranch for a tournament hosted by the University of Denver.

    Trying to build on its 5th-place finish from last week”s tournament in New Mexico, the Cougar”s head coach Sue Nyhus said the team is working hard and is ready to contend.

    “We are going to be focusing on the short game,” Nyhus said. “Our team is striking the ball very, very well. Once you get close to the hole, that”s where you can really save some strokes.”

    Team member, Jessica Gardner, a junior from Centerville, said she just wants to play her best.

    The 14 teams participating in Colorado include the University of Colorado, Colorado State, Denver, Hawaii, Iowa State, Nebraska, Nevada, Northern Arizona, Portland, Portland State, San Diego State, Weber State, Wyoming, and BYU.

    Nicole Newren, a sophomore from Salt Lake City, said her focus is on her iron game, “I”m just trying to get the approach shots down to being consistent,” she said.

    Coach Nyhus has high hopes for her team and said her goal for the year is to help every individual develop.

    “As long as we continue to improve I will be satisfied,” Nyhus said. “Then I will feel like the year has been successful.”

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