Letter to the Editor: Practice patriotism year round


    Dear Editor,

    In light of recent events I feel compelled to ask a question of my fellow Americans. When did patriotism become important to you?

    As a member of the ROTC at BYU, I have noticed in recent days a drastic change in the reaction of others to the uniform I wear. As of Monday, Sept. 10, whenever I wore my uniform, at best I received looks of indifference.

    Since that time, I have been treated like a hero when wearing that same uniform. The smiles, thumbs-up, friendly greetings, and warm waves are in abundance since the great tragedy that struck our nation.

    I don’t mean to infer that the reaction of the American people is wrong. To the contrary, the only thing wrong is that we didn’t act this unified and supportive of the forces that defend our freedoms before we had those freedoms threatened.

    I won’t pretend that we can change the past, but the future is still ours to determine. I hope the solidarity of Americans and support of those who serve and constantly risk their lives for ours doesn’t wane as these recent events fade from the headlines.

    Let us recognize the great men and women who have sacrificed themselves before and those who must now prepare to do the same, even when an impending war doesn’t compel our remembrance and respect.

    Justin Porter

    Vacaville, Calif.

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