Springville High celebrates Homecoming week with patiotism


    By Ryan Heaton

    Things are not the same this year as Springville High School celebrates Homecoming week with the backdrop of the events that seized the nation Tuesday, Sept. 11. But despite the tragedies, many students feel the events have made the school stronger.

    “It”s made us more unified,” said Scott Hall, senior at Springville High. Appropriately, the Springville High School theme for this school year is “Unified and Unafraid.”

    John Marx, a wide receiver for the school football team, thinks the Red Devils will play harder at the Homecoming game. “There will be more emotion put in the game, especially when we sing the national anthem,” he said.

    “We”re trying to do things differently,” said Judy Johnson, receptionist at the high school. Many longstanding traditions for Homecoming week were altered this year to maintain an appropriate tone.

    Normally, the students put together floats and other displays to parade down Main Street before the Homecoming game. This year, the parade was cancelled because school administrators didn”t feel it was suitable to do on the day President Bush declared as day of prayer and remembrance.

    The Homecoming assembly this year was also changed. Instead of being focused on filling the students with excitement and enthusiasm for the game, the assembly was modified for a more patriotic theme. The assembly featured patriotic music and a talk by Mike Hicks, Springville High School principal, on what it means to be American.

    “It means we stand tall together,” Hicks said at the assembly. “We will prevail. We will not shirk our sacred duty as citizens of this great land. It means we are proud to be Americans.”

    Judy Johnson said the students were very enthusiastic in their response to the rally cry.

    “They”re somewhat subdued, and some are still in shock,” Hicks said. “But these are great kids, and they”re proud to be American.”

    School administrators say a patriotic attitude is added this year to the Homecoming spirit. The enthusiasm the students display goes beyond the school building to encompass a passion to be Americans.

    This year”s Homecoming game will start with a moment of silence. It will also include a candle lighting ceremony at half time accompanied by patriotic songs.

    “Spirits have been dampened, but life has gone on,” said Don Liddiard, a school counselor at Springville High. “There”s still school spirit.”

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