Bodybuilders to compete Saturday


    By Tyler Webb

    The National Physique Committee”s Utah Body Building Championship competition will be Saturday, Sept. 15 at the Utah Valley State College McKay Events Center.

    Both men and women will be judged in six different categories: muscle density, size, definition, symmetry, proportion and posing ability. The average age of entrants is between 20 and 40 years old.

    Entrants will compete for trophies, sponsorships, endorsement opportunities and a chance to compete in the national competition.

    Last year”s winner, Nathaniel Hancock, 23, a senior from Provo, majoring in French, competed in the USA national competition and placed tenth.

    “Extreme calorie restriction, living healthy, exercising and being hungry every day is all part of preparing for this competition,” said Hancock.

    Competitors train intensively for twelve to sixteen weeks. They typically follow a strict diet, lift weights and do cardiovascular exercises daily to prepare. They have manipulated their diets to make their physiques the best they can, Hancock said.

    One competitor who is expected to do well in this year”s show is Shannon Kinard, 27, a senior from Walterboro, South Carolina. Kinard has been mesmorized by bodybuilding since he was four years old, Hancock said.

    Kinard is entering his first NPC competition, after doing well in two similar competitions.

    “I wanted to do NPC because it carries more clout and it draws bigger crowds,” Kinard said.

    In 2004 bodybuilding will be an Olympic test sport.

    NPC Chairman of Utah Patrick Pratta said this year will be one of the biggest shows ever seen in Utah. Three top professionals and out of state judges will be involved this year.

    Preparing for these competitions may not be for everyone, however. Kinard has developed knee and hip problems from running so much. He also goes through times of mood swings.

    “Bodybuilding is about keeping your workouts consistent, cutting calories, mental stamina and doing cardio workouts, Kinard said.” Bodybuilding can be as much mental as anything else.

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