BYU creates new logo for three campuses


    By Marc Stevens

    The three campuses of Brigham Young University will be sporting a new look this fall.

    Ricks College officially changed its name to BYU-Idaho on Friday, Aug. 10, prompting a redesign of the logos for the three schools that now bear the Brigham Young University name.

    “Our objective was to create an identity system that reinforces the shared roots of the three institutions, while allowing enough flexibility for individual educational emphases,” said Merrill J. Bateman, BYU-Provo president.

    The new visual identity system consists of redesigned word marks, monograms, medallions and seals.

    “The new marks are the result of 18 months of careful research and evaluation to see how we could do a better job with our institutional identity system,” said John Lewis, associate academic vice president.

    “We began by looking at BYU”s identity alone and were later joined by BYU-Hawaii,” Lewis said. “BYU-Idaho was added to the mix after the public announcement that Ricks College would change its name.”

    Lewis said the new identifying marks will offer quick and enduring recognition worldwide.

    BYU-Idaho President David A. Bednar said it is an honor to be linked visually as well as spiritually and academically with Brigham Young University.

    “The name of Brigham Young University-Idaho has given our new baccalaureate institution immediate national and international recognition,” President Bednar said.

    The new logo for the Provo campus is dark blue and white with a tan accent, similar to the university”s athletic logos.

    The logo for the new BYU-Idaho keeps the familiar royal blue and silver. BYU-Hawaii”s logo retains the traditional red and gold.

    “This new identity design communicates a sense of unity and shared purposes among all of the campuses of Brigham Young University,” said BYU-Hawaii President Eric B. Shumway.

    “It suggests the importance of one university, three campuses. Each campus may have its own personality and mission, but will remain linked in terms of the larger mission of the Church,” he said.

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