Police Beat for August 9


    By Marissa Pinon



    A leaf blower was stolen from the football practice field storage trailer July 31. The leaf blower was left out next to the trailer. It is valued at $120.


    A 23-year-old male was cited for trespassing in parking Lot 26 on July 31. The male had been put on notice not to come on campus. Police cited, released and escorted him off campus.


    A 2001 Yamaha Riva motorcycle was stolen from parking Lot 26 Aug. 2. The motorcycle was later recovered in the Salt Lake valley. Police are still investigating.


    Money was stolen from a car parked in the lot east of the Harris Fine Arts Center. The money totaled $65 and police were unsure if the car had been locked.


    Over $6,000 in stolen property was recovered from a former male student Aug. 3. The property was stolen in April 1999. Police were able to identify the perpetrator who later turned himself in. The student allegedly stole a projector, a computer flat screen monitor, a VCR, a jazz drive and four works of art. The total value of the stolen property was $8,000. Only the projector and works of art were recovered.


    A male student was caught sleeping on the canopy between the S and T Halls in Deseret Towers. He said he did not want to sleep in his room and he couldn”t sleep on the ground because it was wet. The suspect was not cited.


    Vandalism was found in the intramural field Aug. 3. Obscenities were spray painted in the field.


    A bicycle was reported stolen from Tingey Hall in Heritage Halls Aug 4. It was not locked. The bike was valued at $400. Police have no suspects.


    Laundry was stolen from Wymount Terrace Aug. 4 at 4 p.m. A pair of blue jeans was stolen and is valued at $30.


    A male was arrested Aug. 6 at 11:30 p.m. He was stopped for a minor traffic violation and police found a warrant out for his arrest. The warrant was for failure to appear in court in Salt Lake City. The male was a visitor to campus.

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