Dear Editor,

    I have to respectfully disagree with both the recent opinions about the Simpsons. I instead claim that the Simpsons is in fact so good, and so incredibly hilarious that we should take time out of our busy schedules towatch an average of one rerun a day. Seinfeld reruns wouldn’t hurt either.

    A recent letter claimed that Simpsons lovers have desensitized themselves to the and are in effect embracing evil. Well, I’d like to counter with the experience of many a convert, who on first contact mistook the missionaries for god-named-Mormon-worshipping polygamists with horns, but with time opened their hearts to the gospel.

    I suppose that they too became desensitized and were getting chummy with the devil.

    The Simpsons is actually pretty intelligent humor. The number of film and literary allusions is incredible.

    Granted, I don’t recommend immersing newborn children in it, but a light dose of sarcasm and cynicism does an adult body good. It’s like Jerry once told George, “It’s like the sun, you can’t look at it for too long.”

    Garret Christensen

    Reston, Va.

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