Letter to the Editor: Have new mentality


    Dear Editor,

    A week ago a letter commented on an article in The Salt Lake Weekly. One part said BYU students should be more empathetic and understanding of someone who thinks they are gay.

    The letter proceeded in the typical insolent Utah-Mormon fashion of expounding his interpretation of gospel doctrine. Evidently the author feels we should condemn the practice of homosexuality before trying to be understanding of people who feel they are gay.

    Anyone well-versed in the gospel should know we are all children of God and deserve God’s love, even those who are gay.

    There is no reason these people should be considered outcasts. There is no reason they should not have friends.

    There is a huge difference between being empathetic towards someone and embracing their practices. I am personally not gay and do not even know anyone who is. But, I do believe that BYU students should try to be more understanding of them as people.

    They are also children of God. Growing up, I was often socially excluded because I was thought to be different than the other kids.

    I never felt accepted anywhere until I came to BYU. It is pathetic that educated students here still carry that same mentality.

    Daryl Jensen

    Perrysburg, Ohio

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