Pageant to honor founding fathers, mothers


    By Alexandra Sager

    On June 29, residents of Utah Valley will be able to spend some time with George Washington.

    Washington, along with other founding fathers and mothers will be highlighted at this year”s annual Patriot Pageant.

    The pageant is in conjunction with America”s Freedom Festival in Provo, said Linda Walton, public relations director for the Freedom Festival, in a press release.

    “This year we also want to weave in some of the experiences and contributions made by the women of that time – the founding mothers,” said Billie Telford, event chair.

    The pageant depicts the life and times of selected individuals who have made an important impact in the history of early America.

    “Very seldom in today”s world do you have a chance to go back and listen to the great words our founding fathers have given us.”

    She mentioned the importance of remembering the words spoken by these individuals.

    “We need to do this so that we can understand who we are and what we need to do to always be free,” Telford said.

    Rachel Newton, 21, from Sulpher La., majoring in French teaching, is grateful for the opportunity to celebrate the lives of the founding fathers.

    “I am so glad that these men were able to listen to the Spirit and do the things that gave us the freedom we enjoy now,” she said.

    The presentation of the flag and pledge of allegiance will be given by the Third California Volunteers Artillery Utah Fife and Drum Corp, Walton said in the press release.

    Also included in the pageant are depictions of historical events in the lives of several founding fathers.

    Washington”s farewell address and a selection about the Statue of Liberty are part of the pageant”s agenda.

    The hour and a half program will conclude with a choir presenting a patriotic finale.

    Following the finale, patriots and audience will follow as the flags are marched out to the ground of the tabernacle.

    After the pageant, attendees will be able to mingle with the performers, Walton said.

    “People love to mingle with the founding fathers. They talk to them and get their autographs. They don”t want to let them go. They remind them who we are as a nation,” Telford said.

    Because the pageant has a very family-oriented program, families are encouraged to attend, she said.

    The pageant will be held in the Provo Tabernacle at 7:00 p.m.

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