McVeigh deserves punishment


    Dear Editor,

    I am writing in response to the June 13 letter opposing Timothy McViegh’s execution. I am very proud to be an American. We have many freedoms that are not enjoyed by great percentage of the world population.

    Luckily, one of those freedoms is not the right to take another’s life. Timothy McVeigh took multiple lives. For that crime he deserved the punishment that he received.

    Doctrine and Covenants 42:19 reads, “And again, I say, thou shalt not kill; but he that killeth shall die.” Many may try to rationalize this statement and say that it means murderers will die spiritually.

    For anyone who think this, I would recommend reading Joseph Fielding Smith’s comments found in Doctrines of Salvation 2:97 and the Old Testament.

    In a country that seems to be getting farther away from God in many respects, I am glad that mass murderers are not aloud to live.

    Chad Thurston

    Mesa, Arizona

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