Women sunbathe topless on the Y


    Dear Editor,

    I didn’t know when I came to BYU that there was a nudist colony on the Y. I am sure that if people knew about the Y’s nakedness, there would be a lot more hikes up to the Y.

    This morning I woke up to find the sun shining and the weather just perfect for a hike up to the Y. I called up my friend and off we went. We reached the top of the Y and sat down to admire the view of Utah County.

    As we talked, I realized that there was a group of people lying down behind some bushes in the middle of the Y, and from their voices it sounded like a group of young ladies.

    I didn’t really think much of it, and my friend and I continued talking. Then in the middle of one of my sentences, one of these young ladies stood up from her sun bathing session, and yes she was topless.

    I wonder if she even realized that my friend and I, not to mention another girl and guy, were sitting probably 30 yards above her because she walked around for about 30 seconds, turning in every direction, before she finally sat down again.

    I could tell that the other group also noticed our little flashing friend because their conversation stopped also. What are you supposed to do? You’re talking with a girl about life and all of the sudden BAM, there is a topless girl 30 yards in from of you.

    I am sure the girls were from UVSC because hey, no BYU students would ever break the honor code, although I don’t recall a clause in the honor code referring to no topless sunbathing on the Y.

    David Farrell

    Anaheim, CA

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