As finals heat up, parking lots still enforced


    By Christina Robertson

    Not only do finals bring the panic of cramming for tests, but it also raises parking concerns.

    The biggest parking problems come during finals week, said Russel Fuller, sergeant of the BYU police department.

    “We want students to understand that because classes are out, that does not open the lots,” he said.

    Finals begin on Friday and will continue until next Wednesday, April 25. Fuller said parking lots will be enforced on Saturday as though it was a normal school day.

    “If students obey traffic rules and regulations, then we don”t have to write the tickets,” he said.

    Only the parking lots along Campus Drive will be enforced on Saturday. These include stalls specifically reserved for faculty and staff permits, Fuller said. The rest will be open to students.

    Despite this, many students find the traffic laws inconvenient. The needs of students should be considered, said Carissa Hjelm, 21, a junior from Lakewood, Wash., majoring in marriage, family and human development.

    “I think that during finals they should enforce some lots, but keep some open near the testing center. They should at least let us drive on campus so we can drop people off by the testing center,” she said.

    Bicycle parking raises another traffic issue. Students should remember they are not permitted to ride bikes during class break, Fuller said. If a bike rack is full, students should consider parking at racks located by other buildings, he said.

    “We will cut locks and impound bicycles if they are locked to trees, stair rails, or inside of buildings,” he said.

    Fuller said the parking office has impounded approximately 200 bicycles this year. Bicycles left unclaimed will be sold at Edwards Stadium on May 8 at 5 p.m. Prices will range from $1 to $200.

    If a student”s bike has been impounded, Fuller said bikes can be claimed with proof of ownership.

    “We would much rather give it back than have them lose it,” he said.

    Full parking enforcement will continue until the last day of finals. Fuller said academic break enforcement will begin after winter semester finals.

    Robin Johnson, a clerk in the traffic office, said, “During spring and summer if you have a Y sticker you can park in G slots.”

    With more than 30,000 students enrolled at BYU, only 8,542 stalls are available for student parking on campus, according to the BYU Web site. Fuller said nearly 4,000 parking slots are available at on-campus housing sites such as the residence halls, Wymount Terrace and Wyview Terrace.

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