Chinese journalist, author tours BYU


    By Mary Morley

    Chinese journalist and photographer Wang Jin Jun visited BYU campus Monday, April 10, and Tuesday, April 11, to gather information for his new book.

    “I”m thankful to be here,” Wang said.

    According to a news release from LDS Church Public Affairs, Wang is in Utah collecting information for the book he is writing called “Salt Lake Through My Eyes.”

    The book, which will be released prior to the 2002 Olympic Games, will likely be similar to the books he published on Sydney before the 2000 Games.

    However, he may not be able to publish the book in China because of the large amount of information it will contain about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

    Wang, who now lives in Australia, said he did not hear much about the church when he lived in China, but what he did hear was mostly negative.

    “In Hong Kong, I read a book titled, ”The Evil Cult of Mormonism,”” he said.

    But, Wang said he has had positive experiences with members of the church during his stay in Utah.

    Wang said he intends to include factual information about the church in his book, and then let readers decide for themselves what they think about the church.

    During his stay at BYU, Wang toured campus and met several professors.

    He also toured NewsNet, and was impressed with the operations there.

    John Gholdston, managing director of NewsNet, said Wang appreciated the professionalism exhibited by the students involved with NewsNet.

    “It obviously impressed him that students were carrying so much responsibility,” Gholdstone said.

    Angie Bergstrom, 21, a senior from Sugar City, Idaho, majoring in print journalism, said Wang was surprised to learn that she was editor in chief.

    “He was amazed that I was only 21,” she said.

    Bergstrom also said Wang was interested in the circulation of the Daily Universe and how NewsNet is funded.

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