Campus florists deliver smiles


    By Kathryn Richards

    Melinda Barlow says she has the best job on campus.

    “I call this job a happy job because you”re surrounded by flowers,” she said.

    Barlow, 23, a senior from Camarillo, Calif., majoring in marriage family human development, works as a delivery person for BYU”s Campus Craft and Floral.

    She delivers flowers, balloons and baskets of goodies all over campus and Utah Valley.

    Barlow even makes deliveries as far as Springville and Lindon.

    Barlow said she has learned a great deal from her flower delivery job. Not only has she learned her way around the Provo-Orem area, she has also learned about people”s attitudes.

    “You can tell a lot about people with this job,” Barlow said. “You can tell whether people are appreciative, and their attitudes on things.”

    Barlow said she enjoys making deliveries on campus because students are always helpful and friendly. She said people open doors for her when her arms are full of flowers.

    “That makes my job so much easier when people are willing to help,” Barlow said.

    Although most of her deliveries are to girls, Barlow said she delivers to all types of people – from smitten freshmen girls to newborn babies.

    Barlow said one of her neatest experiences has been delivering balloons to a baby boy who was born with heart problems.

    Each month, his grandmother sends him balloons and flowers to celebrate his life.

    One month, Barlow delivered to the baby”s mother, who came to the door in pajamas, looking tired. She was cheered, though, by the delivery.

    “I could tell that it lifted her day,” Barlow said. “It”s fun to make people happy,” Barlow said.

    Michelle Virtue, manager of Campus Craft and Floral, said many are unaware that Campus Craft and Floral makes deliveries.

    Deliveries cost an additional at $2.50 for on-campus deliveries, and increase in price with off-campus deliveries, Virtue said.

    She said they gather a lot of business from deliveries, although Valentine”s Day is the busiest time of the year.

    Provo resident Carson Lee, who was married three weeks ago, attributes his recent marriage to frequent flower deliveries.

    Carson had flowers, usually roses, delivered to his future wife at least once a month.

    “She always loved them,” Carson said. “She was always thrilled. And she made me feel appreciated.”

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