Letter to the Editor: Reasons to avoid R-rated movies


    Dear Editor,

    As members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, we try to avoid watching R-rated movies because of the content they contain.

    However, we have noticed that friends who watch R-rated movies always use the same reasons as to why we should join them. We have made a list of their most common reasons below:

    1. Even though this R-rated movie contains violence, it is okay to watch because it doesn’t have any sex.

    2. I’m an exception to the rule because I am mature enough to handle what is shown in the movie.

    3. Even though this movie is rated R, it is based on historical events; thus it is all right to watch it.

    4. Well, if it weren’t for that one scene, the movie would not be rated R because everything else in it is okay.

    5. The rating system is flawed because the ratings are assigned by a secular group.

    6. This movie received a less severe rating in _________(fill in foreign country).

    7. Even though this R-rated movie contains sex, it is between married people, and this promotes family values.

    8. The General Authorities have never specifically said we shouldn’t watch R-rated movies.

    9. Everyone I have talked to said this movie should not have been rated R.

    10. I’ve seen PG-13 movies that were worse than this one.

    We invite any responses.

    Eric Morgan

    Colorado Springs, Colo.

    Mark Astin

    Bountiful, Utah

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