Letter to the Editor: Working pencil sharpeners crucial


    Dear Editor,

    There is a crisis on campus. No one’s life is at stake, but a lot of people’s homework is. I refer to the lack of decent pencil sharpeners on campus.

    The only place I have been able to find decent, reliable pencil sharpeners is at the math lab. It makes sense that the math lab would understand that math cannot be performed with a dull pencil.

    Isaac Newton took eight years to develop calculus, and it took so long because he had to sharpen his pencils with an unreliable knife. Leibniz had the same lament.

    So why is it that everywhere else on campus pencil sharpeners prefer to eat pencils rather than sharpen them?

    Alomst every time I try to sharpen my pencils somewhere other than the math lab, the sharpener bites half an inch off my pencil and it ends up no sharper than before.

    My homework quality, and I dare say that of the entire campus, is suffering as a direct result of pencil sharpeners whose only function is wall adornment.

    I eagerly await the day when I can trust any BYU pencil sharpener to recharge my pencil’s writing power instead of having to warily test them, lest I find a pencil eating shark inside.

    Eric Carlson

    Woodinville, Washington

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