Letter to the Editor: Students need to know about SCAMP


    Dear Editor,

    Do you know what SCAMP is? You should. Despite the fact that SCAMP will directly affect our living conditions, rent prices and our ability to drive south of BYU, many students don’t even know what SCAMP is.

    SCAMP stands for South Campus Area Master Plan. The proposal by Provo City would change the entire community layout south of campus from University Avenue to 900 East and from BYU to 500 North.

    Some of the city’s proposed changes include transforming some streets into parks, widening 700 North to a four-lane road to allow for commercial expansion, constructing new and widening existing stairways to campus, decreasing available parking to residents and restricting vehicle access of non-residents.

    According to the Provo City officials, some benefits of SCAMP include a greater sense of community, more “stable” rent prices, less traffic congestion, less pollution, enhanced landscaping, closer access to businesses and more public transportation options for students.

    However, students may wish to consider some of the potential drawbacks. For example, a BYU student survey (conducted in March 2000) found that 66 percent of BYU students already owned a car.

    Of those car owners, 72 percent had problems finding parking at least once a week. SCAMP proposes to decrease the already limited parking.

    In addition, the question has been raised as to how SCAMP will be funded. Will the costs of implementing SCAMP be passed onto us?

    These issues, and others, will be addressed at a public city council meeting Tuesday night, April 3, at 5:30 at the City Council chambers, 351 W. Center Street. For more information, visit the official city Web site at www.provo.org/comdev/CurrentProjects/SCAMP/scamp.html.

    Make sure you are in charge of your rent and parking future by attending.

    Ben Dolman

    McArthur, California

    Heather Huntley

    Bishop, California

    Melissa Mortenson

    Sugar Grove, Pennsylvania

    Marisa Evans

    Cincinnati, Ohio


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