Letter to the Editor: Students must be warned


    Dear Editor,

    Direct your attention to the pendulum found just inside the Eyring Science Center. You’ve seen it. Next to it, there is a yellow paper that warns, “Do not touch, 10,000 ohms!”

    Now, I have a question. Granted, I’m new freshman here at BYU, so there’s a lot I need to learn. But who really knows what 10,000 ohms means?

    Should I be afraid of 10,000 ohms? Is it like what you feel when you put the battery on your tongue, or more like what happens in “The ‘Burbs” when Ray gets blasted off the telephone pole and his fillings get charged?

    It is written on a bright warning sign, so I assume it is dangerous. And 10,000 — that is a big number, so I’m not going to touch it. But what about the next guy? The guy who is a little more curious, just as bright and a lot more daring. What about that guy? Or worse yet, someone who doesn’t read English? They must be warned!

    If you ask me, a picture showing just what 10,000 ohms could do should be attached right on the front of that pendulum. That would do it. That would keep everyone away.

    Better yet, forget the picture. I dare you to touch it — that is, if you can make it through those doors.

    After all, what is 10,000 ohms?

    Sterling Kellis

    Mesa, Arizona

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