Letter to the Editor: Right of way does not clear street


    Dear Editor,

    I have something I would like to get off of my chest about pedestrians near BYU campus.

    I live right off of University Avenue near the crosswalk at about 800 North. Until recently, there was no signal at this particular crosswalk.

    In my opinion, the only thing more ridiculous than having a crosswalk bisecting a major street without an accompanying traffic signal is the pedestrian who feels it prudent to endanger not only their own life, but the safety of the approaching motorists by engaging in a literal game of chicken with oncoming traffic.

    It is true that pedestrians have the right of way — for this there is no argument.

    The fact remains, however, that it is neither prudent nor intelligent to risk life and limb simply because you do not have the common sense to wait for it to be “all clear” before crossing the street.

    I can only speculate about the number of accidents that might have been averted had those pedestrians crossing in front of my house, most of which were BYU students, had exercised even the least amount of discretion before venturing out into traffic.

    The fact of the matter is, motorists who do not see a red light are not expecting to have to stop. Please quit assuming that everyone will stop for you simply because you have the “right of way.”

    If it comes down to that game of chicken between you and the automobile, the odds of you winning are slim. For your own safety, exercise a little intelligence, and do as your mother undoubtedly taught you so long ago, to “look both ways and wait for it to be clear before crossing the street.”

    Jeffrey Bonner

    Saugus, California

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