Honor Association hopes week will last all summer


    By Erin Fife

    “Hug me! I”m honorable!” Reads one of the slogans for this year”s honor week.

    “Honor week reminds everyone that wherever we go as students that we are always representing the church,” said Le”o Latu, a student assistant for the Student Honor Association, which sponsors the event.

    That is why the theme this year is “Bring It.” Students are asked to remember the honor code wherever they go this summer.

    This week allows students to see that the honor code can be followed in all sorts of circumstances and situations, said Stephen Bramwell, president of the Student Honor Association.

    There will be many different activities, ranging from a fashion show to a volleyball tournament, to represent all the different personalities and interests BYU students have, Latu said.

    Every student is different and SHA wants to show that they can express themselves uniquely even when they are living by BYU standards, Latu said. Standards are what make BYU students valuable to the world.

    “The honor code is more than just guidelines. It is our sense of what is right and what is wrong,” said Jaime Kalama, a student assistant at SHA.

    Living the standards is not just outward acts. The truth of the values come from within, Latu said.

    “It is a good reminder of why I am here. This is why I am doing this,” Kalama said.

    Each activity will remind students of their standards by incorporating the values of the honor code.

    The week will begin with an emphasis on spirituality and modesty, said Ruth Cuevas, a student assistant for SHA.

    A talent show will take place Tuesday night so students can express their individuality and show off their talents, Bramwell said.

    On Wednesday, missionaries will walk around campus and express their testimony, said Kelii Wunder, 21, a student assistant for SHA.

    “When you think of honor, you think of missionaries,” Wunder said.

    The biggest event will probably be the volleyball tournament on Saturday at Kiwanis Park.

    It is open to everyone on campus. A team can play for just five dollars, Bramwell said.

    “If people don”t have fun something is wrong,” said Ruth Cuevas, a student assistant for the student honor association.

    The fashion show will be in the WSC Terrace on Wednesday. Also, bands will play throughout the day to make life more exciting, Bramwell said.

    All the students at SHA are very enthusiastic about the week.

    “It”s bigger than Tiffany,” Cuevas said.

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