By Kinohi Manning

    Playing the No. 1 school in the Mountain West Conference usually means a loss, usually a big one.

    This weekend however, the BYU softball team, proved the theory wrong.

    BYU won game one of Saturday”s doubleheader against No. 1 New Mexico 4-1, and narrowly lost 4-3 in game two.

    “We did really well; overall, we do the best that we can,” said BYU”s designated hitter Brooke Cadiente.

    Playing on foreign turf always brings difficulties, Cadiente said.

    Still, she feels the team learned to work around things like umpires being partial to the home team.

    Starting strong in game one, the Lobos right fielder Krissy Keene, current Mountain West Conference Player of the Week, shot a double to left field, knocking in a run.

    With the Lobos up by one, the two teams sat locked until the fourth, when the Cougars scored twice to take the lead.

    The Cougars sealed the deal in the sixth with solo home runs by right fielder Oli Keohohou and third baseman Elizabeth Pierce-Boydston shot the Cougars to a lead the Lobos never recovered from.

    “I”m happy with the way we battled back,” BYU coach Mary Kay Amicone said.

    In game two, a tug-of-war over the lead created a dynamic game, beginning with a powerful double by Lobos” catcher Tiffany Chambers, driving in center fielder Kelly Glass.

    BYU refused to let the Lobos gain a lead, and answered with its own single.

    But Lobos second baseman Brooke Chaffe batted in a run, putting the Lobos ahead again in the lead.

    The game remained quiet until the fifth, when a walk gave the Lobos their third run.

    Still battling hard, the Cougars retaliated with second baseman Kari Pringle”s doubling in two runs in the sixth to tie the game.

    A powerful home run by Keene, would be the last run either team scored, leaving the Lobos as the winners.

    New Mexico is the top-ranked team going into MWC play, leaving the Cougars happy with their play – even with one loss.

    Starting out with Tuesday”s win against UVSC (8-0), Thursday”s win against Colorado State (6-2) and ending with the New Mexico games, the Cougars had a tough road trip coach Amicone said.

    Though the Cougars didn”t win their final game, BYU”s other three wins gives the team confidence.

    Next week marks another busy weekend, with an April 6 doubleheader against UNLV and an April 7 doubleheader with San Diego State.

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