“The healing of the Atonement”: President Boyd K. Packer


    By Kellie Shirk

    Guilt and the power of the Atonement were the themes of President Boyd K. Packer”s talk during the Saturday evening session of general conference.

    “It is my purpose to ease the pain of those that suffer from the very unpleasant feeling of guilt,” Packer said.

    Every one has experienced pain from their conscience, Packer said.

    “Too many of us needlessly carry burdens of guilt and shame,” he said.

    Packer said there is a cure to this burden of guilt.

    He said the atonement offers redemption from spiritual death and from sin.

    The Atonement is an “ever present power to call upon in everyday life,” Packer said.

    “We all make mistakes, sometimes we harm ourselves and seriously injure others in ways we cannot repair. We break things that we alone cannot fix,” he said. “It is then in our nature to feel guilt, humiliation and suffering which we alone cannot cure – that is when the healing power of the atonement will help.”

    Life would be hopeless without the atonement, Packer said.

    “The atonement has practical, personal everyday value – apply it in your life,” he said.

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