NewsNet to webcast general conference


NewsNet will webcast all four sessions of the 171st Annual General Conference on Saturday, March 31 beginning at 10 a.m. MST.

This webcast can be viewed in English and Spanish along with five other languages including Mandarin, Portuguese, Japanese, Cantonese and German.

“Offering general conference in so many different languages allows people across the world to have an equal opportunity to hear the messages given at conference in a timely manner,” said Jeremy Newswander, 23, a junior from Modesto, Calif., majoring in construction management.

Throughout the weekend leading to general conference, NewsNet will feature stories discussing the preparations made to Temple Square before conference, a synopsis of President Gordon B. Hinckley”s year, information about how the Web has changed the way conference is broadcast and which choirs will be performing at general conference.

Other articles will report on how many visitors from other countries actually attend conference, what women do while men are in the priesthood session and what people do in between conference sessions.

Articles from previous general conferences are located in the special sections page of NewsNet”s Web site.

The webcast will be broadcast live and the upcoming talks and videos will also be made available at the end of general conference in the special sections Web site page.

“It is nice to have the opportunity to go back and view the conference talks again,” said Noelle Magelssen, 20, a junior from Honolulu, Hawaii, majoring in communications.

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