Young Women counseled to remain virtuous


    By Meagan Nelson

    Young Women of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints were counseled Saturday night, March 24, at the annual general Young Women meeting to make the Holy Ghost a more integral part of their lives.

    “Reach out and bring one other young woman into full activity in the church this next year,” said Sister Margaret D. Nadauld, Young Women General President. “Then, next year there will be twice as many active young women.”

    The theme of the evening was becoming more familiar with and responding to the Holy Ghost. After the meeting, while talking about the young adults at BYU, Sister Nadauld said, “if there is ever a time in life when you need guidance from heaven, it is now — while you are making such important decisions.”

    Sister Nadauld counseled that as college students make critical decisions, such as choosing a spouse, major or career, they should stay worthy and listen to the promptings of the Holy Ghost.

    Sister Nadauld”s talk emphasized three functions of the Holy Ghost: comfort giver, guide and testifier of truth. Using stories of personal experiences to illustrate how the Holy Ghost testifies of truth while building testimonies, Sister Nadauld explained, “this story will be yours to write as you testify.”

    The goal of the church Young Women”s organization is to “encourage girls to become prepared to make temple covenants,” Sister Nadauld said after the meeting.

    “President Hinckley is concerned that the youth sell themselves short,” Sister Nadauld said, “that they aren”t striving to reach their potential.”

    By stressing the importance of the Holy Ghost, the Young Women”s Presidency and President Hinckley hoped the young women would “understand that the Holy Ghost is a priceless gift from Heavenly Father,” Sister Nadauld said. “The Holy Ghost can bless your lives in so many ways, take advantage of that.”

    Gordon B. Hinkley, President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, closed the General Young Women”s meeting by encouraging each young woman to “become the woman you dream of becoming.” He explained that the Holy Ghost can guide and direct one in the quest of becoming the woman each is capable of becoming. “The sky is the limit,” President Hinkley said.

    Speaking to the young women, President Hinkley said, “nothing in all this world is as magnificent as virtue — it glows without tarnish.”

    Putting the counsel to action, Amy Becker, 13, from Bountiful, Utah, has already thought of a girl she will try to reactivate. By calling, inviting her to activities, saying “hi” at school and being more friendly, Becker hopes that her friend will “feel welcome and start coming to activities.”

    Thinking of ways to increase her ability to listen to the Holy Ghost and build her testimony, Becker plans on making her prayers more meaningful. “I am going to take more time to say what is in my heart, and really talk with my Heavenly Father,” she said.

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