Provo officials answer concerns about airport master plan


    By Kim Edwards

    The Airport Master Plan committee reported to the Provo City Council Tuesday night, Feb. 20, with an updated version of the original plan.

    The plan was proposed to accommodate the expansion of aviation demands over the next 20 years.

    A major objective of the Provo airport plan includes the construction of airplane hangars for business and private use.

    Many Provo residents are concerned about the effects of added airplane hangars.

    Airport manager Steve Gleason said he felt there was no need for this concern.

    “We”re not expanding anything, we are just using what we”ve got efficiently,” Gleason said.

    Another objection many Provo residents voiced was with City officials turning the Provo Airport into a commercial hub.

    “There was great concern because they saw we were reserving an area for a terminal,” Gleason said.

    Gleason said they are anticipating commercial jets will use the Provo airport because they have no authority to deny entrance.

    “If commercial air service wants to come here, under FAA rules we can not tell them no. That is part of why we need a plan to accommodate it if it comes,” Gleason said.

    A major change made to the airport master plan included pilots using a right hand turn entrance when landing instead of the usual left hand turn.

    In order to curb air traffic noise above residential neighborhoods, the airport traffic plan has included an amendment to apply for a right hand turn pattern for incoming airplanes.

    Melanie McCoard, a Provo resident, is concerned with the safety of pilots who use a different pattern while landing.

    Gleason said the airport committee will “send advance mailings to all airport users informing them of the imminent change.”

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