U of U president speaks at Forum


    By Garnet Deakins

    University of Utah President, Dr. Bernard Machen spoke at the Jan. 30 Forum.

    President Merrill J. Bateman opened by saying the Utah President was daring and venturesome in his appearance, considering last night”s BYU basketball victory over Utah. However, Machen said he enjoys the wholesome, rich rivalry between the two schools and welcomes open dialogue between them.

    President Machen advised BYU students that the world is theirs for the taking, if they will become educated people.

    He specifically spoke concerning what it means to be an educated person today. He addressed the changing and limitless roles of women and technology, and how they are creating a new idea about what it takes to be educated.

    Education is rooted in the classroom, but requires so much more than that, he said.

    “There is a need for another type of learning;learning of the heart, conscience and spirit. That determines what we are and what we do in our relationships with others,” Machen said.

    In developing this learning of the heart, Machen encouraged students to be involved in the arts, religion and in discovering new relationships.

    “Work consumes a small portion of our lives, what we do with the rest of our time defines who we are,” Machen said.

    He encouraged students to enjoy the diversity of others, saying, the world is one neighborhood and it”s important to embrace all of the neighbors. But he also said that the important work begins here at home.

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