Sundance not the only festival in town


    By Eric Christensen

    It is the time of year again to grab a partner and “dance” the night away.

    No, homecoming has not been moved to January and BYUSA is not sponsoring the “Inversion-Blues Dance” in the quad.

    Whether it is Sundance, Nodance, Souldance or Slamdance, the films and competitions should be fun for fans to watch at the respective festivals in the Park City area.

    Nodance Festival public relations spokesperson Jessie Nagel said fans can expect to see some excellent films.

    “Never has the value of our product been so strong, ” he said.

    Nodance, the self-proclaimed “irreverent, independent” festival, is entering its fourth year. It will focus heavily on the alternative digital film culture.

    In a press release, Festival Director James Boyd said, “It”s exciting to bring together such a diverse lineup of digital video and film projects for the public.

    “For a filmmaker, nothing beats hearing the roar of applause and receiving feedback from the audience.”

    When filmmakers Shane Kuhn, Dan Mirvish and Jon Fitzgerald all had their films declined by Sundance in November 1994, they decided not to take rejection lying down.

    According to their Web site, the Slamdance Film Festival was born for filmmakers to support one another.

    Public relations spokesperson Margo Gerber said Slamdance is getting bigger and bigger every year.

    “Our exposure and support have brought quality to our competition,” she said.

    For Danny Kemp, 24, from St. George, Utah, majoring in public relations, the Slamdance Film Festival was both clever and interesting in 2000.

    “The films seemed very simple and easy to enjoy. They covered topics easy for an audience to relate to,” he said.

    BYU will have representation at the Slamdance Festival as well.

    Senior Bryan Lefler, 25, from Alpine, Utah majoring in illustrations will showcase his film “Warplay” at the Silver Mine.

    Sure, the celebrities may not be as bright as they are at Sundance, but stargazing still may be possible.

    BYU alumus Chad Sunyich said he saw 1980s star Molly Ringwald at last year”s Souldance Festival.

    But to see the “People Magazine” stars, Sundance is your festival.

    The Los Angeles Times is reporting that Park City can expect Julia Roberts, Elizabeth Hurley, Julianne Moore, Mick Jagger, Patrick Swayze and Forest Whitaker.

    All festivals begin this week and attendance is free for the public to many festivals, including Nodance, Souldance and Slamdance.

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