Locals sound off about fashion no-no’s


    By Holly Peterson

    The clich? “dress to impress” really can take someone a long way — or not.

    While the boundaries for what is acceptable dress are not black and white, there are some definite fashion blunders that should be steered clear of.

    “If people don”t care, it just shows laziness. When people take the time to really look like they put themselves together, it”s much more impressive,” said Krystal Freebairn, 18, a freshman from Las Vegas, Nev., who has not declared a major.

    “Wearing sandles with socks is the worst combination — especially in the wintertime,” she said.

    Blake Robison, 22, from Mesa, Ariz., is majoring in business finance.

    “The worst fashion faux pas is when guys style their hair and then put their hats on with their bangs hanging out,” Robison said.

    Chase Pomeroy, 22, from Austin, Texas, who works at Banana Republic at the Shops at the Riverwoods in Provo, has his own fashion pet peeve.

    “Sweatpants in public is just not a good option,” he said.

    He recommends windpants or warm-up pants instead.

    Pomeroy also points out the mistake of mixing neutral tones together.

    “Blacks, browns and navy should not be put together,” he said. “Especially common is a black belt with brown shoes, or vice versa – don”t do it.”

    Nicole Blake, 22, from Mesa, Ariz., is a UVSC student who works at Abercrombie & Fitch at the Shops at the Riverwoods. She said girls should not wear T-shirts underneath halter-tops or tank tops.

    Stacey Stohlton, from Provo, is a manager at The Gap at Provo Towne Center.

    “Flip flops are awesome, but not when it”s zero degrees outside. It”s the same with shorts. ”Okay dude,” this isn”t California,” she said.

    Stohlton also said wearing clothes with big logos are a fashion no-no.

    “Why are you paying money to wear a big ”Tommy” across your chest? They should pay you to wear it,” she said.

    “It”s important to note that you don”t have to wear name brand clothes to be in style. When you look like you take pride in yourself and how you appear, you are taken more seriously and come across better to people,” Stohlton said.

    While style is not fixed, apparently, it can be underestimated. To avoid committing any fashion faux pas it might be helpful to take these tips to heart. After all, an impression can make all the difference.

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