ViewPoint: Solo senior speaks again


    By Mary Deardeuff

    This is the single girl again. You know, the one who wrote the column last week about graduating unmarried.

    Some of you may say I”m trying to stretch my 15 minutes of fame into an hour, but I wanted to do a follow-up piece about last week”s success.

    The response I got for that piece was overwhelming. I mean, I had more e-mails in my inbox than the number of Steve Young”s old girlfriends.

    I heard that the column went everywhere from refrigerator doors to marriage prep class. It was even more popular than Orrin Hatch”s Christmas Album for a time.

    The e-mail responses I received ranged from “Amen sister!” to “Get off the sob story” to “Will you marry me?”

    That”s right, guys asked me out, and a few others anonymously proposed. To that I can only say, “How can I decide whether or not to marry you if I don”t even know what my future last name would be?”

    It”s a good thing these guys were willing to take my future into their hands. I was beginning to think that all the guys here had gotten together and put me on their blacklist.

    And after hearing about guys who now want to go out with me, several of my friends said, “Hey, now you may graduate married after all!”

    Please. I”m single, but I”m not desperate.

    Don”t get me wrong, I wanted to meet my husband at BYU. My parents even met here — my mom fell down the Smith Fieldhouse stairs onto my dad. Who says first impressions don”t matter?

    I”ve always wanted to be married here. Who wouldn”t want to plan a wedding during finals and live in Wymount? Or walk slowly hand-in-hand down the sidewalk and block everyone”s way? Or sit up in front in class and scratch each other”s backs while whispering together?

    Yeah, that must be the life.

    (I was being facetious, folks. Please don”t e-mail me and chew me out.)

    I”m working on getting married, don”t worry. Contrary to what one guy wrote to me, I am not too caught up in school to get out and meet people (even though I thought I was here for school).

    He actually thought I go to the library to study. Of course not, who would do that? I go there to sleep.

    And quite a few people said, “Is that you in the picture? You”re so cute, I can”t believe you”re not married” or “You seem so funny, why aren”t you married?”

    So if I were ugly and unfunny then my being single would make sense?

    Sorry for the sarcasm but that really is a pet peeve of mine. Many, many girls wrote me or told me that they are still single through no fault of their own. It”s just chance, not choice they say.

    And it goes both ways. Several guys wrote me and said they too will be graduating single. So I say don”t put the blame on either gender. This isn”t about marriage bashing or guy bashing, I”m just telling it like it is.

    So maybe now I should write about my other pet peeves, like over-cooked broccoli; or lugging heavy camera equipment across campus when nobody stops to help (I don”t care what decade this is, I”m a girl and that stuff is heavy); or too much ice in your glass at a restaurant that hits your nose when you drink; or people with no physical limitations riding the elevator for one floor.

    But I think I”ll save those for another day. Right now I”ve got to go to the library and take a nap.

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