Garrens assemble all-star cast for night of humor


    By Allison Martin

    When Eric Snider formed the Garrens in 1992, he adopted the attitude of “if you want something done, do it yourself.”

    As a freshman at BYU, Snider said he found no avenue to showcase his comic talents. Snider and his friends formed their own BYUSA club and were joined by auditioned members. The group turned out to be so successful it has become a private business.

    On Friday, Jan. 19, The Garrens will be celebrating its eighth anniversary with three special performances. Past cast members and current Garrens will come together to feature the best sketches since the group”s birth.

    “This show will be absolutely the best,” Snider said. “I wish every show were as funny as this one will be, but it wouldn”t be humanly possible.”

    Classic sketches highlighted in the anniversary spectacular are 1995s “Guy”s Apartment,” a takeoff on the Backstreet Boys, and the renowned 1993 standard “Sweet Spirit.”

    Patrick Maravilla, a junior majoring in communications marketing, has been involved in The Garrens for four semesters. He”ll be playing Kevin in the Backstreet Boys spoof and will also participate in improvisational humor.

    He said one of his first improv experiences with the group was so horrible someone pulled the fire alarm in the middle of the performance.

    “Expect to laugh, expect to be entertained and not worry about questionable humor,” Maravilla said. “Feel free to have a good time and see some good comedy.”

    The shows Friday are at 7:30, 9 and 10:30 p.m. in Room 3228 Wilkinson Student Center. Tickets are $5 and are available at the door or in advance at the WSC Information Desk.

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