First Presidency shares Christmas message


    By Erin Kingrey

    The First Presidency of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints wished church members a Merry Christmas Sunday night, Dec. 3.

    “Merry Christmas, my beloved friends,” said President Gordon B. Hinckley, at the annual Christmas broadcast from the Salt Lake City Conference Center.

    This is a gathering of song, prayer and speech, President Hinckley said. This broadcast is offered in tribute to our Lord and King, Jesus Christ.

    President Hinckley said Christmas marks a time of gratitude.

    People should be grateful for the gift of the birth of the Savior. They should also be grateful to live in the fullness of times.

    All liberty is a product of the Savior’s teachings and spirit, President Hinckley said.

    “And so at this season we lift our voices and say, ‘glory to God,'” he said. “He is our Lord, our master, our redeemer, our king, our ruler and our God. Without Him there is no salvation.”

    President Thomas S. Monson also spoke about the importance of Jesus Christ.

    Christ taught a higher law, raised the dead and healed the sick, he said.

    His message has always been the same throughout the generations of time, President Monson said. Jesus calls out, “follow me.”

    President Monson said there are numerous ways to follow Christ and serve Him.

    He said people can give monetary offerings or give of their time. But the best way, he said, is to give of ourselves.

    “He who gives of himself, gives all,” he said.

    It is through giving that the Spirit of Christ enters our lives, President Monson said.

    He said people need to dedicate themselves to Christ by letting Him enter their lives.

    President James E. Faust said he hoped all would have a fuller and greater appreciation of the Savior’s birth and what it means both in this life and in the next.

    The miracle of Christ’s birth and atonement provides blessings each day and throughout eternity, he said.

    But the spirit and remembrance of Christmas doesn’t have to be limited to the month of December, President Faust said.

    Everyone should open their hearts a little more each day and not wait for the Christmas season, he said.

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