Search resumes for missing Y student


    By Emma Barrett

    Provo Police said they heard a female voice calling for help while searching Y Mountain for BYU student Janine Durland, 21, from LaGrande, Ore.

    Police resumed their search for Durland at 8 this morning.

    According to a news release, the Provo Police Department received a call Friday morning, Nov. 30, stating that Durland had not returned from a Thursday hike on Y Mountain.

    Provo Police, Utah County Sheriff’s Department and University Police cooperated, sending a helicopter, six winged vehicles and several ground search and rescue teams out in the search for Durland, police officials said.

    After searching all day Friday, police still had not found Durland when they temporarily called off the search at 6:30 Friday evening.

    Police said they think Durland was dressed warmly, but they are afraid she may have suffered from the cold temperatures Thursday and Friday nights.

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