Consolidations, closings coming with bank merger


    By Rob Meier

    Wells Fargo and First Security officials have announced which bank branches the companies will be consolidating and which branches will be closing.

    Wells Fargo and First Security merged on Oct. 25, 2000. The consolidations and closing are the result of the merger.

    Wells Fargo plans on consolidating branches as early as March 2001, said Jackelin Slack spokeswoman for First Security Communications.

    “The changes should be completed around the middle of the year,” Slack said.

    Branches of Wells Fargo and First Security that are in close proximity of each other will be consolidated, Slack said.

    The consolidation process will be based on factors such as size, physical conditions, access to the building, and the capacity to serve customers, Slack said.

    “We tired to leave open the branch that would most benefit our customers,” Slack said.

    A total of fifteen stores will be consolidated between Wells Fargo and First Security, Slack said.

    According to Robert H. Hatch, president of the combined banking organization in Utah, the remaining banking stores will absorb team members of consolidated stores.

    Slack said, the good thing about this merger is that the employees will be able to stay or they can be moved to another location.

    “That means customers will continue to receive the 110 percent service they’ve come to expect,” Hatch said.

    Customers affected by the changes will be notified within 30-90 days prior to the consolidation, Slack said

    Customers do not need to worry about making any changes to their accounts. The changes will not effect them in that way, Slack said.

    This merger will have a positive outcome for everyone, Hatch said. It will create about 600 new jobs over the next two years as Wells Fargo opens its Online Call Center in Salt Lake City, he said.

    Although some people may have to change location where they bank, the merger should flow pretty smoothly with no problems, Slack said.

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