New technology available for enhancing students’ education


    By Allison Jones

    When it comes to technology, BYU students have it all at their fingertips.

    Several on-campus services are available for students to enhance their educational experience at BYU. For most students, computers are an essential accessory.

    BYU has 35 AccessPoint (AP) labs that provide students with computers. AP labs are open computer labs with PC’s and Mac’s available for student use.

    Each computer has programs for word processing, spreadsheets, email, Web site browsing and virus protection. Printing is also available at the AP labs.

    Melissa Frank, 20, a junior from Los Angeles, majoring in biology, frequents the AP labs.

    “The lines can be tedious at certain times of the day, but the services available at the labs are very useful,” Frank said.

    Several on-campus AP portals are available for laptop users. Students can plug in to these portals for access to the Internet and campus-computer resources.

    For those who would rather use a computer from home, IT Services offers computer rentals for students living on-campus.

    According to the Office of Information Technology’s Web site, refurbished computers come with a pre-loaded operating system, Microsoft Office and a Web browser. Computers are rented on a monthly basis.

    Keeping in close contact is key, and with today’s technology, communication can be convenient.

    Route Y, BYU’s Intranet system, provides students with an email account, school directory and access to University news. Students may register for classes and check academic standing through AIM, a segment of Route Y.

    Students said registering for classes online has never been easier.

    “Instead of calling on the phone and guessing which classes are available, I can click on AIM and all the information is there,” said Christi Hartzell, 21, a junior from Glendale, Ariz., studying English.

    Across campus, several classrooms are being equipped with new multi-media programs.

    Technology Enhanced Classrooms (TEC) are installed with podiums that control the new hardware. TEC rooms provide computer data access, cable TV, VHS VCR, CD and DVD players, video and computer projectors and Internet connection.

    Professors and students use these programs to enhance the quality of teaching and learning.

    Kevin Marks, a freshman from Logan, Utah, who has not declared a major, said his religion professor uses PowerPoint for his lectures.

    “Taking notes and understanding the lectures is much easier and better organized with this new technology,” Marks said.

    According to ITT representatives, technology provides a more cooperative learning atmosphere. This will improve education by creating more specialized interaction with students and professors.

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