NewsNet loses sleep over elections


    No other place on campus was as busy as the NewsNet newsroom early Wednesday morning as the election results came in.

    NewsNet, BYU’s information source for news on television, in print and on the Web, kept a close eye on important national races and key local issues past midnight.

    Gretchen Day, 20, a junior from Greeley, Colo., majoring in print journalism, said NewsNet worked to post election results on the Web site as soon as they came in.

    The Web was the best place to publish all the information, said Day, associate Web editor. Everything was posted on the Web, from recent results to in-depth stories about the issues.

    Although the presidential race was the main focus of the night, local races were covered as well.

    City editor Seth Blaylock, 22, a senior from Orem majoring in political science and print journalism, said reporters have been covering the local races since the beginning of the semester.

    Seven reporters and three editors were sent to Salt Lake City to cover the political parties waiting for the final results, Blaylock said.

    The reporters took cell phones and used laptops to e-mail stories for the Web and the newspaper, he said.

    “It is a race against the clock to get the paper out,” Blaylock said.

    Reporter Cameron Sawyer said it was amazing how smoothly everything ran.

    “For a college newsroom, I’m very impressed how organized it is,” said Sawyer, 24, a senior from Orem majoring in broadcast journalism.

    Katie Christensen, 21, a senior in broadcast journalism from St. George, said election night was exciting because NewsNet produced a three-hour webcast.

    “It is live coverage,” Christensen said. “It is a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants broadcast.”

    Katie Forrest, 21, a senior from Mesa, Ariz., majoring in broadcast journalism, said NewsNet had complete election coverage.

    NewsNet covered Utah’s party headquarters in Salt Lake City and even had a reporter at Hillary Clinton’s campaign headquarters in New York.

    Trish Barker, NewsNet managing editor, said this election was a good opportunity for part of NewsNet to work together.

    “We are all working together toward the same goal,” said Barker, 21, a senior from Sterling, Va., majoring in print journalism. “We all want the best NewsNet coverage.”

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